Perfect UV Protector H,


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Perfect UV Protector H

Protecting skin from harmful environmental factors is the key to maintaining a... beautiful and healthy look. UV rays accelerate visible aging not only when skin faces intense summer rays, but also with cumulative exposure to weaker rays. Sun, dryness and pollutants all stress the skin's functions that cause concerns such as wrinkles and dark spots. Building on more than a century of breakthroughs in skincare, Shiseido delivers scientifically advanced solutions for sun protection. Shiseido UV Protectors fuse innovative sunscreen technology with protective and stress-responsive skincare, so you can enjoy spending time outdoors. 360° protection Exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology creates a UV-protective veil that adheres evenly to skin's microscopic contours. So no matter which angle the UV rays come from, the veil helps prevent them from reaching deep within, providing effective protection. When you get wet, the veil of protection gets even stronger.* Sunscreen products may wear off when you sweat or swim. But exclusive WetForce technology binds with the minerals in water or perspiration, enhancing additional power in the protective veil.* SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates protection against UVB rays, the rays causing sunburn. A higher number equals higher protection. PA indicates protection against UVA rays, the rays that cause photo-aging. PA is rated by the number of +. A larger number indicates higher protection. More


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