UV Lip Color Splash, ULURU RED

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UV Lip Color Splash - uluru red uluru red
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UV Lip Color Splash

A moisturizing lip protector that gives just a wash of fresh, transparent color,... even though it provides defense against UV rays with Clear Defense Technology featuring sunscreen agents. ●Protects lips from UVA/UVB rays with exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360TM technology, which helps provide an even, protective layer over the lips. ●With its high transparency, the product shows clear color and shine. And when you are under light, the glow becomes brighter, and creates fresher looking lips that match outdoor activity. ●Fits gently over the lips with a dewy and light texture.  ●Very water-resistant. ●Formulated with moisturizing ingredient, safflower oil.  ●Gentle formula designed for lips.  -Formulated with the ingredients carefully selected by Shiseido Laboratories, Japan.  - No fragrance added. DERMATOLOGIST – TESTED. More


Item No. 1011419120


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  • 10ml

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UV Lip Color Splash
A clear splash
of protection.
A moisturizing wash of fresh, transparent color with high
UV protection. Smooth. Comfortable. Lips look and feel natural. No whiteness.
No dryness. Feels light and fresh, not thick or sticky. Works under or over lipcolor. Works on its own. Sets you free.
UV Lip Color Splash

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